Family Homes

We provide vulnerable and deprived children with a loving and supportive family style life. The children are referred to FARA by Romania’s social services, typically because of extreme poverty causing parental neglect. A minority come from the country’s remaining state institutions where they were taken from the streets or after the tragic death of a parent leaving the remaining parent unable to care for their children in a country without any benefits and unemployment support.

Many have been traumatised by their past experiences and most of them come to FARA with psychological and behavioural problems.

In our two purpose-built homes, St. Nicholas’ in Suceava and St. Gabriel’s in Bucharest, the young children are given as normal a family life as possible, helping with household chores and learning to cook and care for each other. Being given love and care unconditionally, living in a secure environment where they know they will never again go to bed hungry and cold and are supported in the healing of past trauma.

The children cared for by FARA in Romania over the years have stayed in touch with FARA and know that they can always ask for help and support throughout their life, they really do feel part of the FARA family.

Our family homes have helped 60 children grow and embark on new lives.

“Everything I am now is due to FARA and I always pray for their kindness”
- a St Gabriel’s child.

Life in a Family Home

In the morning the children get up and have breakfast together around the kitchen table before heading off to school or kindergarten until lunch time.

All the younger children are home for lunch and in the afternoon they attend sports activities or craft activities, scouts, dance and music clubs or stay at home with the caring staff on hand to help them with any homework or to play games. In the home the older children help the little ones with their homework and the little ones help the older children remember that it is important to have fun and leave your studies to play in the garden and kick a ball around or play badminton. Life is as full and exciting which is just how it should be in a family with twelve children!

At 18 years old, as in a conventional family, the children start to move towards independent living. FARA charity continues to support the children in their chosen direction whether it be into further education and University or finding employment and being able to support themselves financially.

They will always be part of the FARA family and can always get in touch if needing support, advice and care.

Over 8000 children remain in institutional care in Romania

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