Homes For Life

FARA’s Homes For Life are for young adults who have spent their earlier lives in constraint and neglect in Romania’s state institutions.

We care for 20 young adults of mixed gender and disabilities across our three homes: Elizabeta House, St Mary and St Joseph, which are located in small rural villages in the Suceava district of Romania.

These rescued young men and women have intellectual disabilities and some have mental health problems, often related to their abusive past in Romania’s state institutions. More often than not, their experiences have affected their ability to learn and live an independent life.

At FARA we give both psychological and physical therapy to ensure they can live a fulfilled and happy life within a home run as a family. In a FARA home for Life we provide 24 hour support and care, providing a nurturing environment and the love and kindness that everyone needs to flourish.

Community based homes giving a family style life

Working the land, a life beyond the walls of an institution

Life at a Home For Life

The homes are set in large grounds and the young adults cultivate the land growing vegetables and fruit to use in the kitchens and also to preserve for the winter months.

All of the young people and adults eat together, share household chores and work during the day running their own smallholding; this forms a rewarding part of their daily rituals.

There are often celebratory meals that all the residents help prepare and cook and the wider FARA family, including the children from our Family Homes, are invited to.

Each individual forms a close bond with the other residents, our staff and the local community, and according to their ability, the young people visit the shops to buy provisions, attend church and participate in our pottery, woodwork, painting and traditional Romanian craft workshops.

Many of them particularly enjoy making and selling small items at local craft fairs. Some of our residents have successfully found small jobs in the town - which is wonderful as it helps with their confidence and self-worth.

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