An emotional reunion for Sorina

Homeless at the age of five, Sorina entered St Gabriel’s family home in 2010. And for more than five years she had no news of her mother or her siblings. Then, one day just after Christmas she was invited to dinner with her family.

The family reunion was made possible thanks to Alina Munteanu from the charity ‘Open Hearts’, which cares for Sorina’s younger sister, Ana Maria.

Sorina’s reaction was one of amazement. ‘For several months I prayed every night that I would meet my mother and now my dream will come true’, she said. Moreover, nine of her 11 brothers were present at the meal – some of whom Sorina met for the first time in her life.

The event took place at the Taco restaurant whose owner generously donated the meal. Sorina was accompanied by Margareta Ivan, director of the St Gabriel’s. ‘Before we went into the restaurant, I sensed that Sorina was feeling very emotional.’ she said, ‘But when I saw her hugging and kissing her brothers and mother any misgivings vanished.’

After the meeting they promised to meet again, this time at St Gabriel’s and Sorina’s mother has already rung her several times to see how she is getting on. For her part, Sorina has decided she wants to give her mother some of the money that was raised at her Christmas carol concert.