What makes us different

Supporters of FARA know that the contribution they make will have a direct and lasting impact on the quality of life of Romanian children. Whether they help indirectly, through purchases and donations of clothes at FARA’s shops, or directly through charitable donations they can be assured that not a penny is ever wasted on needless overheads.

With 25 years experience of working in Romania, FARA understands how and where it needs to focus its activities. Well-respected by Romania’s authorities, it is highly adept in negotiating at local and national levels in pursuit of its aim – a brighter future for the country’s vulnerable and neglected children.

FARA does not wish to encourage dependency on outside aid. Through its sister charity in Romania the FARA Foundation develops and demonstrates good practice in the care of children and young people using models of care that have been validated over many years in the UK. As these models are adopted in mainstream institutions in Romania FARA will ensure that overall management of its projects is increasingly provided at a local level. FARA also advocates strongly at government and EU levels for social and economic inclusion of marginalised children, young people and their families.