FARA transforms the lives of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children, young people, and families in Romania, giving them a sense of “family”

FARA goes far beyond being just a care provider, family and friendships are at the heart of what we do. We try to create a true sense of belonging. Our mission is to build communities and families and to love and serve them. Our work is life changing for many families living in abject poverty.

Welcome to FARA Charity UK. FARA was started 30 years ago by Jane Nicholson MBE driven by the sight of the appalling images of neglected and starving children in Romania’s state institutions, in the wake of the fall of Ceauşescu in Romania.

FARA today is one of the largest and most experienced NGO care providers in Romania, reaching out to the poor, the marginalised and most discriminated in society. FARA’s projects fund, develop and manage services providing care, security, and love to improve the quality of life and opportunity. This has been achieved by setting up and running leading edge charity shops in London as well as corporate grants and fundraising in the UK and Romania.  In thirty years, FARA has cared for over 10,000 beneficiaries.

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What we do

FARA funds, develops, and manages social support services across Romania for Vulnerable children, children with learning disabilities and complex needs, youth at risk, adults with learning disabilities, and community-based programmes tackling poverty through education for Romania’s poorest families. Practical hands-on care is provided, fulfilling lives, rebuilding futures, and spreading hope.

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FARA’s Services

Tackling Poverty Through Education

This is FARA’s flagship programme, assisting 288 children in six nursery and primary schools in rural communities across Suceava, Northern Romania. This is vital work and planned for expansion throughout this decade.


Adults from the FARA Homes For Life

Adults with learning disabilities

The adults in our Homes for Life, St Mary and Casa Elizabeta have roles and responsibilities in the household, so they feel part of a team operating actively and purposefully.  This helps them develop key skills and some independence. The individual ability of each person is acknowledged and respected, and their hobbies and interests are encouraged. In this way they are facilitated to build self-confidence and live fulfilled lives, whatever their abilities on arrival with us.

Therapy Centre child

Children with disabilities

Therapy centres provide, free of charge, therapy and special needs education to children with complex needs, from poor families with the ultimate objective of integrating them into education and society, always guiding their families to continue and reinforce this support at home.

Our three therapy centres work with families to improve their children’s abilities and provide them with care and development so many can go on to attend mainstream kindergarten and school. FARA collaborates with schools to assist with special needs teaching and treatment for the children throughout their school lives.

FARA supports vulnerable children

Vulnerable children

FARA is one of the very few NGO service providers offering an alternative to state care but with minimum Government funding. Our children’s homes are recognised as models of care enabling children to flourish in a’ family for those without.’ The Family Home provides a loving and supportive family life,  in a safe and nurturing environment, where the children’s needs can be assessed and a pathway of support and care established.

Children referred to FARA by Romanian social services are identified as at risk and come from ruptured families. Many of the children have been traumatised by their past experiences, and require professional psychological help to heal their past.

Youth at risk

Young adults seeking help from FARA’s youth programmes are primarily institutionalised care-leavers who might otherwise fall into a spiral of homelessness and poverty. When a child reaches the age of 18, they are discharged from the system and find themselves alone in the world without crucial life skills

FARA Retail

At the leading edge of charity  shopping in London, FARA Retail consists of over 40 shops selling donated goods directly and online. Including clothing, vintagewear, books and homeware.  The online team has specialist knowledge in fine art, books and other collectables, giving access to high quality and rare pieces as well as an eclectic mix of affordable goods including clothing and accessories, baby kit, musical instruments and cameras. The rapidly expanding online presence sells on ebay, amazon, depop and via its comprehensive e-commerce platform.

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