Why we are here

The word “fara” means “without” in Romanian and the charity was created to provide a family for those without.

Today Romania is home to almost 4 million children and poverty, inadequate education and a lack of medical services still affects too many of them. As the economy grows in the country the gap between the rich and poor expands and more people are struggling to make ends meet.

  • Almost half of all children in Romania are at risk of childhood poverty and social exclusion and nearly 1 in 4 suffer from severe material deprivation. (Eurostat 2021)
  • 400,000 children are out of school, drastically limiting their chances to get employment when they grow up. (2017 UNICEF study)
  • 60,000 are separated from their families, mostly as a consequence of poverty, violence or abandonment. (UNICEF Romania)
  • Every year, 10,000 children are separated from their parents and taken into the care system. (UNICEF Romania)

FARA Foundation is a UK registered charity.

The work we do

Who we help

FARA is today one of the largest and most experienced care providers in Romania, giving support to vulnerable children and adults, youth at risk, those with learning disabilities, as well as families and their communities.

Romanian rural poverty

Tackling Poverty, Transforming Lives

Our services include care for vulnerable children and adults with learning disabilities, youth at risk and community-based programmes tackling poverty through education.

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Find out all the ways in which you can become part of the FARA family, and help us care for children and adults in need.

Meet our founder

Jane Nicholson first visited Romania in 1991 after watching appalling television images which exposed the cruelty inflicted within state run orphanages during the dictatorship of Nicolae Ceaușescu. She co-founded the charity FARA that same year.

All the services she has created and developed match her initial idea that abandoned people shouldn’t live in institutions but in places that resemble families, with homes and access to therapy, education and special care.

Meet our founder

Find out more about FARA

Jane Nicholson, Founder of FARA Charity sits with children of the FARA Foundation in Romania


FARA transforms the lives of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children, young people, and families in Romania, giving them a sense of “family”.

Romanian house

30 years of FARA

30 years of transforming the lives of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged living in Romania’s poorest communities by offering a family-centred model of care.

FARA staff and beneficiaries

Our success and impact

FARA Charity fulfils its mission in Romania with funds raised predominantly in the UK, we advocate towards the Romanian government to support its people and help fund our work and to change policies to make a real impact of the lives of its citizens.

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