Accessibility policy

This accessibility policy applies to FARA Charity,

FARA is an organisation that works with people with a range of needs, and we are committed to providing accessibility across our organisation, including our website. At FARA we recognise that different user groups have different accessibility needs and the website developer we chose to work with considered the potential audience’s particular requirements before beginning the site build.

FARA’s website has been built by a team that are dedicated to ensuring their websites are accessible by as many people as possible. The FARA website has been built with the WC3 accessibility guidelines in mind.


The size of text can be modified using browser interfaces.


Content across the site has been written and formatted to make it as accessible as possible. Features used include plain English and clearly signposted links, alternative text for images, closed captions and transcripts on videos and indicators for links that open on a new tab/window.


Presentation and layout are based on cascading style sheets to ensure that content is clearly structured and fully compatible with assistive devices.


All images (unless part of the visual design) are tagged with descriptive text.

Site Navigation

All pages include links to the home page and to a site map.

Further Help

We have done our best to make the website as accessible as possible.

If you would like to contact us about accessibility or general website feedback, you can email us at

We will respond within 7 working days.