Shop returns policy

We hope that you will be delighted with your purchase(s).

If other goods are returned, FARA Enterprises Ltd. offers an EXCHANGE policy. To exchange these particular unwanted items, you will be required to return them within 28 days of purchase. We will require proof of purchase i.e. your till receipt and the pricing ticket attached to your item.

Items must be exchanged in the shop from which they were purchased. With satisfactory proof of purchase, the item may be exchanged for another of the same or higher value (by paying the difference) or for a FARA credit receipt.

From 1st July 2017 FARA credit receipts are valid in all FARA shops for a period of six months.

Refunds will only be offered with a till receipt if goods are found to have a fault which was not indicated at the point of purchase: i.e.

    • Not of satisfactory quality
    • Not fit for the purpose for which they were sold
    • Not corresponding with their description

Faulty goods must be returned within a reasonable period of time.

Please note, items purchased in one of the FARA Shops can not be exchanged for an item listed on the FARA Online store and vice versa.

FARA Gift Cards

FARA Gift Cards are designed to be anonymous, unlike Customer account credit, so when you

purchase a Gift Card your details won’t be captured. Gift Cards can be redeemed in various stages, so you can spend some of the Gift Card balance

in one transaction and spend the rest of their balance later. Gift Cards can also be used as a part tender payment if required.

  • Minimum value £5
  • Can be purchased with Cash or Card
  • Valid for 24 months (2 years) with the expiry date being shown on the gift card purchase receipt. If you don’t spend your Gift Card balance within the stated period, the balance will expire
  •  FARA Charity Shops gift card can be used in all FARA Charity Shops but is NOT valid for shopping online
  • The gift card cannot be refunded.
  • No discount is available when purchasing a gift card
  • No replacement will be available for lost or stolen gift cards. The receipt issued when you purchased the card is not a valid replacement for a lost card.
  • No top‐up facility is available
  • No balance transfer (on either Cash, Card, Account Credit)
  • Not to be used as a Credit note





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