2022 Annual Review

The Annual review is an overview of our programme work and financial information for 2022.

Introduction Letter from our CEO

I am pleased to introduce this Annual Report, which covers my first full year as CEO of the FARA Foundation. Since taking on this role in September 2021 1 have felt an immense sense of pride in being able to build on the legacy of Jane Nicholson MBE and lead an organisation that enables vulnerable and disadvantaged children, young people, adults and families living in Romania’s poorest communities to live fulfilled lives.

Over this year I have continued to build my knowledge and understanding of how we raise our money and the impact that this has been able to have.

In August 2022, FARA Charity Shops reached a significant milestone by celebrating its 30th anniversary, Throughout the years, FARA Charity Shops has been a consistent source of funding for the various projects and programmes of Fundatia FARA, making a positive impact on countless lives. It was a highlight of my year to be part of the celebrations commemorating 30 years of sustainable fashion and transforming lives through two key events. Our Fulham store hosted an evening where we expressed our gratitude to staff (past and present) and customers, while a collaboration with London College of Fashion students resulted in the creation of new outfits inspired by the 1990s, using otherwise dead stock.

 The other highlight was my trip in June to visit the programmes and teams in Romania. When Jane Nicholson founded FARA in 1991, FARA provided humanitarian aid, but it did not leave once this immediate need was met. We have stayed, and today, we play a huge part in supporting Fundatia FARA to deliver its valuable work, ensuring individuals can achieve their full potential. To see the programmes is always inspiring. At our children’s therapy centres, you see children supported to walk; in our education programmes, you see children learn to read; in our children’s and adults’ homes, you see people enabled to live their best possible lives and all of this work is delivered as part of the wider communities; the wider FARA family.

Over the last year, I have continued work to bring all parts of this organisation closer together in terms of governance and leadership. I have been privileged to have met and talked with many of our staff about what we achieve with the funds we raise because of their work, and the values with which the organisation works. UK high streets continue to change, and we continue to work to ensure our shops raise as much money as possible while also playing a vital role in the circular economy.

 I want to express my thanks to former chair Philippa Gitlin and current chair Siobhan Cross, and the trustee board for their support over this year as the FARA Foundation has begun its transition from being a founder-led charity to a CEO-led charity.

 I look forward to working to develop our 2024 to 2026 strategy in the coming year and continuing to work alongside committed and dedicated staff both here in the UK and in Romania.

Libby Gordon, CEO FARA Foundation

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If you wish to read the 2021 report, you can do so by clicking here (.pdf, 9MB) FARA Foundation Annual Review 2021

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FARA Charity fulfils its mission in Romania with funds raised predominantly in the UK, we advocate towards the Romanian government to support its people and help fund our work and to change policies to make a real impact of the lives of its citizens.

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Family sits at the heart of FARA and so in June 2019 we launched the Family Support Appeal, focussing on helping to prevent family breakdown, to assist families in creating a stable, loving environment where the whole family can develop and prosper. The appeal raised £1,512.77.

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In 2019 our Christmas appeal focussed on children living in poverty. A life of poverty means children are more at risk of being separated from their family, entering public care and remaining poor in their adult life due to inequalities of opportunity. £1,766.71 was raised.

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