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Annual review

The Annual review is an overview of our programme work and financial information for 2019.

Fundatia FARA is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation founded in Romania in 1991. It is the partner NGO of FARA Foundation a Registered Charity in the UK.

I founded the charity to transform the lives of children suffering neglect and abuse, abandoned in Romania’s notorious institutions. my inspiration and vision in those early years remain at the heart of FARA today.

Our mission today is to transform the lives of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged living in Romania’s poorest communities.

FARA cares for the most vulnerable social groups facing extreme poverty, addressing social inclusion and poverty reduction. Operating in three regions of Romania, fulfilling lives, rebuilding futures, and spreading hope. Our work is lifechanging for many families living in abject poverty, for children and adults with disability and youth at risk.

In 2019, the 28th year of the FARA Foundation working in Romania, we have widened our reach to more than 600 beneficiaries across 10 programmes. From giving nourishing food to a child to ensure school attendance, to providing a secure life to young people with learning disabilities rescued from the state institutional system, and providing vital therapy services to children with disabilities, steps towards independent living for young care leavers from the poorest communities and providing a nurturing home to children, we focus on longevity of care with family at the heart of all we do.

In the next year we will look at increasing the sustainability of FARA in Romania by developing a fundraising and advocacy team, to fight for the rights of our beneficiaries and to start the process of funding the programmes in Romania.

I thank all our staff, beneficiaries, volunteers, and supporters of FARA in Romania and ask you to continue helping us to grow the FARA family.

There is still so much to do, but the strategy to reach more beneficiaries by 2023 and to become more sustainable gives us a true and strong direction and we will carry on working to meet our mission.

Thank you, Jane Nicholson Founder and Chairman of FARA Charity

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FARA staff and beneficiaries

Our success and impact

FARA Charity fulfils its mission in Romania with funds raised predominantly in the UK, we advocate towards the Romanian government to support its people and help fund our work and to change policies to make a real impact of the lives of its citizens.


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Adults from the FARA Homes For Life

Family Support Appeal

Family sits at the heart of FARA and so in June 2019 we launched the Family Support Appeal, focussing on helping to prevent family breakdown, to assist families in creating a stable, loving environment where the whole family can develop and prosper. The appeal raised £1,512.77.

Sisters sitting in their home in northern Romania

Kindness at Christmas

In 2019 our Christmas appeal focussed on children living in poverty. A life of poverty means children are more at risk of being separated from their family, entering public care and remaining poor in their adult life due to inequalities of opportunity. £1,766.71 was raised.

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