Romanian rural poverty

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The three main causes for children being separated from their family and entering public care are poverty, abuse and neglect and disability.

World Bank, 2015

Approximately 5000 children leave institutional care each year, being vulnerable and risking poverty and/or social exclusion.

Unicef and Romanian Ministry of Youth and Sports 2015-2020

FARA goes far beyond being just a care provider

we try to create a true sense of belonging. Our mission is to build families and communities and to love and serve them. Our work is life changing for many people living in abject poverty. FARA envisions a world in which freedom and dignity are enshrined in a loving protective “family” in which members experience fulfilled lives whatever their ability.

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Transforming the lives of children

Founded in 1991 to transform the lives of children suffering neglect and abuse in Romania’s notorious state institutions by funding, managing and developing social support services across Romania, FARA’s mission is to support the most vulnerable children and families in Romania by giving a sense of family, security and love to improve the quality of life and opportunity.

Our services include care for vulnerable children and adults with learning disabilities, youth at risk and community-based programmes tackling poverty through education. FARA has expanded its services over the years from one home for children rescued from state institutions to community-based programmes supporting families to stay together building a stronger future for Romania.

This is achieved by corporate grants and in-country fundraising in Romania, UK donors as well as setting up and running leading edge charity shops specialising in vintage and current fashion, art and books for adults and children.

Rural poverty in Romania

Romania is home to almost 4 million children...almost half are at risk of childhood poverty and social exclusion and nearly 1 in 4 suffer from severe material deprivation.
Eurostat 2021

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