Gender pay gap data

Since its foundation in 1992, FARA Charity Shops has recruited staff of both sexes, one of the Company’s core values being the promotion of equality, inclusion, and diversity.

All members of staff regardless of their age, disability, gender, sexual orientation, marriage or civil partnership, pregnancy or maternity, religion or belief, race, gender reassignment will be supported and encouraged to perform to their full potential. FARA Charity Shops actively promotes from within and is committed to providing all staff with equal opportunities, skills, development through training and support, flexibility in performing their duties and rewards to help them do just that.

Understanding the Gender Pay Gap Data

This report covers the gender pay gap data for the 12 months to 5th April 2018 and has been calculated using the pay data of over 250 staff.

Gender Pay GapMedian (middle)Mean (average)

*The UK national median gender pay gap including full and part-time workers 2018 is 18.4%.
*The UK national mean gender pay gap including full and part-time workers 2018 is 17.4%.

FARA Charity Shop’s median average is 14.29% and indicates that women earn 86p for every £1 earned by men when comparing the median hourly wage. The mean average indicates that male staff are paid on average 8.39% per hour more than female staff including bonuses.

In common with many charity and Third Sector organisations FARA Charity Shops are predominantly staffed by female staff whilst the shop servicing functions including warehouse and property maintenance are carried out by male staff. As at 5th April 2018 female staff accounted for 87% of total staff. Of the remaining 13% male staff, 25% are employed in the various servicing roles. The entry level positions in the shops both fulltime and part-time attract the lowest salaries and are predominantly filled by female staff.

In order to address the pay gap FARA Charity Shops will review shop salaries and benefits annually with a view to improving the overall package to all staff. It is the intention that over time this will have a positive impact on lower paid staff which are predominantly female.

In addition, it will seek to recruit more female staff to fill the warehouse and other support roles as they become vacant.

Throughout all aspects of recruitment, training & development, salary, and reward structures FARA Charity Shops will adopt a transparent approach which promotes gender pay equality at every level of the organisation. Updated gender pay gap figures will be published on the FARA Charity Shops website on an annual basis.

Bonus information 2018

Find below the percentage of staff receiving a bonus (per gender) in 2018 and the bonus gap information for that year.
  • 59.4%

    Male staff

    received a bonus in 2018.

  • 44.6%

    Female staff

    received a bonus in 2018.

  • -39%


    bonus gap in 2018.

  • -21%


    bonus gap in 2018.

Bonus information

% of staff receiving a bonusMaleFemale


Bonus GapMedianMean

Within FARA Charity Shops only management and senior shop staff receive an annual bonus with sales assistants and part time staff currently ineligible to receive bonuses. The median average at -39.39% demonstrates that female staff which account for 87% of all staff are more likely to receive a bonus than male staff. The mean average at -20.83% indicates that on average female staff receive a higher bonus than male staff. This is evidenced by the fact that most of the senior positions within FARA Charity Shops who are likely to receive higher bonuses are held by women.

It is likely a bonus scheme will be introduced for sales assistants and others to reward their efforts and contribution to FARA Charity Shops in the near future.

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Pay Quartiles

The pay quartiles confirm that a significant proportion of staff are female and part-time and are at both the lower rates of pay but equally hold the salaried and senior positions within FARA Charity Shops.

Proportion of males/females in each quartile pay bandMaleFemale
Quartile 120177.27%92.73%
Quartile 2201716.36%83.64%
Quartile 3201714.55%87.27%
Quartile 4201710.91%90.91%


Proportion of males/females in each quartile pay bandMaleFemale
Quartile 120185.26%94.74%
Quartile 2201814.04%85.96%
Quartile 32018115.52%84.48%
Quartile 4201817.24%82.76%