FARA staff and beneficiaries

Our success and impact

30 years of experience in caring for vulnerable children, young people, and families in Romania. FARA has been supporting the most vulnerable and disadvantaged in Romania since 1991.

FARA has successfully provided a lifeline to over 10,000 beneficiaries in the last 30 years, giving them a sense of family, security, and love to improve the quality of life and create opportunity.

FARA has expanded its reach over the years from one home for children rescued from state institutions to community-based programmes supporting families to stay together building a stronger future for Romania.

FARA’s services are trauma informed and respond to the individual’s needs, providing a pathway of care that gives the beneficiary the tools needed to go on to live a successful independent life.

FARA's vital work

  • 10k+

    children and vulnerable adults cared for since 1991.

  • 18

    programmes established and running across Romania since 1991.

  • 71

    children have been raised in our Family Homes between 1997 and 2020.

A FARA therapist

Growing up in FARA

Dana was born in 1993 just after the fall of Ceausescu and was abandoned shortly after birth due to her parents inability to care for her.

Read Dana's story

Tackling Poverty

Through Education Programme
  • 46k

    hot meals

    are delivered to children on the TPTE programme in a year, providing children with vital nutrition and sustenance that they do not have at home.

  • 1450

    pandemic food support packages

    were delivered to the families whose children access the TPTE programme by our dedicated staff.

  • 81


    have completed their education at high school from the TPTE programme.

Children with Disabilities Programme

In the three therapy centres children are given the education and support needed to give them the tools to be able to access mainstream education.
  • 50%

    of children

    who attend the therapy centres go on to complete their education in mainstream schools.

  • 830

    children and their families

    have been supported by FARA

FARA Youth Services

Youth Services Programme

FARA has worked with 131 young people to move on into living an independent life.

These people have gone on to have their own families, the cycle of abandonment and trauma has been broken.

Our work with young people
A beneficiary of FARA Charity
Many thanks to those in England who help us financially. At our home in St. Mary's we built a house and a hope!!!
EugenRead Eugen’s story

Family Homes Programme

FARA children grow into independent and happy adults.
  • 71


    have been raised in a FARA family home.

  • 10%

    of FARA's young people

    almost 10% went on to complete a University Education.

  • 2%

    of our young people

    went on to complete a master’s degree at University.

A FARA beneficiary

Adela’s Story

Adela was abandoned as a small child to a life of neglect in a state institution. At the age of 18 she came to FARA with little hope and in great need of support to help her recover from her traumatic start in life.

Read Adela's story

Homes for Life Programme

  • 36

    homes for life

    To date 36 homes for life have been given to FARA beneficiaries.

  • 30%

    of inhabitants

    have progressed to acquiring their own homes after support in a FARA Home For Life.

  • 4

    of the adults

    have gone on to have their own families.

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Romanian house

30 years of FARA

30 years of transforming the lives of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged living in Romania’s poorest communities by offering a family-centred model of care.

Who we help

FARA is today one of the largest and most experienced care providers in Romania, giving support to vulnerable children and adults, youth at risk, those with learning disabilities, as well as families and their communities.

Our mission, vision and values

Our charity is based on Christian values of justice and dignity, welcoming people of all faiths and none. FARA collaborates across all sections of society to build relationships and partnerships, striving to build a just society serving the common good.

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