Adults from the Homes For Life programme

Adults with learning disabilities

Support and care for adults to live a fulfilled life in a home run as a family

For me FARA Foundation means family and hope. I am grateful that I receive help in all my health problems. The whole staff takes care of me and gives me the affection I need. Many thanks to those in England who help us financially. At our home in St. Mary’s we built a house and a hope!

Eugen, resident in FARA’s Home for Life

A childhood of neglect and restraint in the notorious Romanian state institutions has meant adults with learning disabilities in the FARA Family have been left with both mental and physical scars. FARA provides homes offering a loving, supportive family life in a nurturing environment, giving them a chance to flourish and to develop their social, spiritual, emotional, and physical wellbeing to live a fulfilled life as part of the wider community.

We care for 20 adults in two Homes for Life which are located in small rural villages in the north east of Romania.

An adult from the FARA Homes For Life programme
You are the family who changed my life and have always been with me. You are the family who made me happy. Because of you, I am another person, I am better because of you. I now have what I wanted: a job, a house. Thanks to you, I know what love means.
Adela Resident in FARA’s Home for LifeSupport this vital programme here

The adults in our Homes for Life

The adults in St. Marys and Casa Elizabeta, our Homes for Life, have roles and responsibilities in the household, so they feel part of a team operating actively and purposefully.  This helps them develop key skills and some independence. The individual ability of each person is acknowledged and respected, and their hobbies and interests are encouraged. The residents take part in creative workshops and regularly have stalls at local craft markets, as well as managing the vegetable gardens and the small household farm. Residents also take an active role in the local church and choir as part of village community life. In this way they are facilitated to build self-confidence and live fulfilled lives, whatever their abilities on arrival with us.

Often the adults will need support for the rest of their lives, however some are able to move into the community and live independently with the knowledge that the FARA Family will always be there for them if needed.

A beneficiary from a Home For Life

Nurturing the individual

Grigore was born in 1987 into poverty and neglect, in a country suffering under a communist regime. He was abandoned at birth and was placed in one of the state institutions, Grigore remained in the state system, being moved 3 times, until 2011 when he was rescued by FARA. With a complex combination of physical and psychological disabilities the move to the FARA home was a big chance for Grigore. He was nurtured and given the opportunity to reach his full potential.

Now Grigore lives in FARA’s Home for Life, the staff have helped him with his social skills, and he is a happy member of the FARA family, he has a part time job as a gardener in the local community and is involved in a local craft club which he attends twice a week.

Grigore is excited for his future. He is now able to travel locally by himself and has a level of independence that gives him some freedom to explore life as he wishes, while being supported.

Grigore’s future is bright, with much potential for development and growth in the FARA community.

Grigore’s story is true, however his name and photo have been changed to protect his privacy.

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