12 events in 12 months

A fantastic achievement in aid of FARA Charity!

Hello Hannah, would you like to tell us a bit about yourself?
I’m Hannah and I’m 31 from Yorkshire working in the outskirts of London. I thought I’d do something positive in 2019 and challenge myself to do 12 events in 12 months (due to scheduling my last challenge had to be in early January 2020).

Why did you choose to raise money for FARA Charity?
This particular charity is close to my heart. I appreciate what I have and saw this as a great opportunity to give something back. I also sponsor a child in Romania each month through SOS Children.

What made you want to take on 12 Events in one year, and can you tell us what they all were?
I thought trying to achieve 12 events in a year, one per month, was a good goal and might encourage more support; rather than doing just one in the year. And I’m mindful that a half marathon is my limit!

1. 10k Sheffield Sat 12 Jan 19 “Hair of the Dog”
2. 10k Richmond Sat 13 Apr 19 “The Richmond 10k & 5k Series”
3. 10k Sheffield Sun 21 Apr 19 “Easter Eggstravganza”
4. 10k Huddersfield Sat 11 May 19 “The Kirklees 10k Challenge”
5. 10k Wakefield Sat 15 Jun 19 “Wakefield Race For Life”
6. 10k Sheffield Sat 24 Aug 19 “Wild Beer Bonanza”
7. 10k York Sun 15 Sept 19 “York Race For Life”
8. 10k London Sat 21 Sept 19 “Run Through Olympic Park”
9. 10k Doncaster Sun 29 Sept 19 “Cusworth 10k”
10. 10k London Sat 26 Oct 19 “Run Through Lee Valley Vellopark”
11. 10k Wimbledon Sat 27 Oct 19 “Eventrac Wimbledon Common”
12. Half Marathon Shipley Sat 04 Jan 20 “Saltaire It’s Grim Up North”

How did all the races go? Was there one you were looking forward to the most or feared the most?
I successfully completed all 12 events. The Shipley Half Marathon was the toughest race of the lot; understandably as it’s a longer distance than the rest. But I did it in 2:33:08, my aim was under 3 hours, so that’s great. It was so tough mentally. I had pain in my top right leg, so I had to walk a few times. Having said all that I’m so happy to have completed my first half marathon for the FARA Charity. However, I don’t think I’d want to do another half marathon or a full marathon. Hats off to people who do them. I think 10K is my distance.

Have you done anything like this before?
I did a weighted march for another charity carrying 22kg instead of the usual 15kg. This was over a half marathon distance. We were successful in raising the target amount and completed it in 3 hours 3 mins-ish!

How did you train for the events?
Interval training, gym and the 10Ks certainly helped prepare me for the half marathon.

What is your best piece of advice you would give to someone thinking of taking part in events like the ones you have chosen?
Take the time to train. I would have done more races with other people as it certainly did help me when I had someone there.

Hannah's 12 medals of the 12 events she ran this year.

Hannah’s 12 medals of the 12 events she ran this year.

I’ve done something positive and will look at another challenge soon.

Hannah raised £1000! Thank you Hannah for your brilliant fundraising!

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