Three children from the FARA programmes

FARA’s 30th Year

A busy start to an exciting year...

The first few months of 2021 have been busy as we enter our 30th year.

In our programmes in Romania, all the children are delighted to be back at school, seeing their friends and teachers and getting back into the routine. The young adults are happy to be able to get back to work and training, and the therapy centres are running smoothly and the children are making great progress.

We look forward to our 30th year celebrations, taking time to reflect on the work in Romania and look to the future path the organisation will take to continue its mission. We are thankful for all the support we have received over the years, especially through the turbulent 2020.

The need for FARA to continue working with the vulnerable and disadvantaged has not gone away, the pandemic has highlighted how fragile life is and how quickly stability and security can crumble when circumstances change. FARA is responding to the challenges, developing new ways to reach more people and work with families to build futures for themselves and their children.

We have some exciting events planned for this celebration year; including Eugen Sarbu, internationally-renowned violinist and Patron to FARA, in concert in Bucharest, an event with the Romanian Ambassador to the UK and a celebration fundraiser with the British Ambassador in Bucharest.

To kick off our 30 Years celebrations we will also be launching an all NEW website! r We will be sharing more up-to-date event information on our NEW website, Facebook page and other social media channels when we can. Watch this space!

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30 years of FARA

30 years of transforming the lives of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged living in Romania’s poorest communities by offering a family-centred model of care.

Why we are here

FARA reaches out to Romania’s poorest families, the marginalised and excluded in society, meeting the needs of children with disabilities and young people at risk of homelessness. Giving security and love, fulfilling lives, rebuilding futures and spreading hope.


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