Our work with children with disabilities

The FARA Foundation runs three Therapy and Recovery day centres in Romania – in Popești Leordeni, Suceava and Fălticeni – to support children with disabilities.

Every week, these centres are visited by more than 300 children and young people from vulnerable families in the local communities. All our programmes are free at the point of use and last year we delivered 21,716 total therapy hours – an average of 1,974 a month, or 493 a week. Each of our three centres is at capacity and we are operating a waiting list of almost 100 children.

The centres are run by a team of highly skilled specialists, who asses every child, determine the best course of treatment, and develop an individualised care plan.

This is then adapted periodically as the child progresses through their treatment, to ensure they are able to reach their full potential, with many going on to attend mainstream kindergarten and school.

We also provide support and guidance to parents and carers, so that they can continue the therapeutic process at home.

Monica Oprisanu is a clinical psychologist who has been based at our St Teresa Therapy and Recovery Centre in Suceava since 2016.

“I work with 6-8 children at St Teresa’s, in individual and group therapy, organizing different activities based on the needs of the beneficiaries,” Monica says. “No two days are the same, and I always try to bring something interesting to the development programmes.

“For me, FARA represents a welcoming place, full of empathy and support for children with special needs and their families.

“The complexity of free services FARA offers, the constant support offered to children and families – regardless of their social and economic status – is what makes FARA a place many families in need seek help from.

“Volunteers, FARA Charity shops, donors and partners have ensured that even during the COVID-19 Pandemic, the free services offered to the growing number of beneficiaries has continued.

“I still come to FARA every day, full of joy, knowing that my work makes a difference. I enjoy my job immensely.”

The work we do

Who we help

FARA is today one of the largest and most experienced care providers in Romania, giving support to vulnerable children and adults, youth at risk, those with learning disabilities, as well as families and their communities.

Romanian rural poverty

Tackling Poverty, Transforming Lives

Our services include care for vulnerable children and adults with learning disabilities, youth at risk and community-based programmes tackling poverty through education.