Solidarity for Ukraine: UPDATE

As an established charity, operating in Romania for over 30 years, The FARA Foundation has been well placed to quickly respond to the growing humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. We have been able to mobilise resources to provide support to children and their families transiting customs into Romania, as well as the residents of the camps and refugee centres.

Early in 2022, FARA pledged that every donation through the website for March and April, would go towards the ‘Solidarity for Ukraine’ emergency appeal.

We received a heart-warming response and, in just a few short weeks, were able to raise over £20,000.

This enabled FARA to support children and families fleeing Ukraine, in addition to our ongoing Romanian programmes.


The FARA Foundation (in collaboration with NGO’s and volunteers) was able to provide the following support:

Activities inside Ukraine

As FARA is a well established presence in Romania, our colleagues were able to quickly coordinate supplies to reach those in desperate need. In March 2022, FARA sent 3 humanitarian aid convoys into Ukraine, each carrying vital food, warm clothing and toys.

Included in these convoys was enough milk, food and urgent supplies to care for 750 babies.

Through kind donations and sponsors we have also been able to send vital medical assistance for those treating the injured.

Activities at the Ukraine border with Romania

In addition to the aid convoys, FARA supported over 600 Ukrainian refugees that transited through customs into Romania.

Some of these people had family and friends offering to take them in, and so arrived in Romania with a clear onward destination.

FARA was able to assist them with:

  • Food & shelter
  • Care packages (personal care, clothing, shoes)
  • Covid-19 protection & sanitiser
  • Translation services and information for orientation/integration

For those who needed to stay with us longer, we were able to quickly refurbish 2 of our centres in Suceava County, with everything the refugees would need for a comfortable place to rest.

In all, 120 refugees passed through here, enabling them some respite from their long journeys.


“We were very warmly welcomed in Romania – with FARA we felt safe”Olena


We were also able to provide a longer-term home to 27 women and children in our centres.

  • These families will be cared for by us for however long they need
  • They are provided with food, clothing, toys and a safe place to call home
  • FARA staff ensure the children and adults receive the psychological and emotional support to process what they have been through
  • For the children, we are able to create a safe environment for them to play again and make new friends.


“I feel safe here at FARA” – Maria, 16


As the situation in the south of Ukraine grew more unstable, FARA supported children and their families transiting the border at Odessa into Isaccea, including 34 people that were housed in a little village called Jijila.


Children from the Refugee Centres

For the children from the Refugee Centres, FARA Foundation offered medium-term support as follows:

  • Therapy and recovery services for children, including children with disabilities
  • Psychological/emotional support services for children and parents
  • Recreational activities and socialization together with the children from FARA Foundation’s programs in Suceava County
  • Activities such as Children’s Friends run by experienced volunteers


The distribution of aid is made possible through mobile teams of FARA’s employees, volunteers, and collaborators. The therapy and assistance services are provided by specialists, employees, and collaborators of the FARA Foundation.

Further Update - September 2022

Since this article was published, you can now read a further update on the support FARA offered to those in need from Ukraine