The FARA Foundation Educational Bursaries

Our colleagues in Romania have launched the Fundatia FARA Educational Bursaries, a new scholarship scheme to encourage students from disadvantaged backgrounds to continue their education.

Thirty educational scholarships will be awarded for the academic year 2023-2024, worth 6000 lei (more than £1000) each. FARA will be funding 25 of the bursaries – named after our founder, Jane Nicholson, MBE – and our partner, The Lenovo Foundation, will fund the remaining five.


FARA was founded in 1991 by Jane and what began primarily as an aid mission, has now transformed the lives of over 10,000 children and young people.


The launch of this bursary programme is a significant moment for FARA, and another important step towards breaking the cycle of poverty in Romania.

Sisters sitting in their home in northern Romania
A report by the National Institute of Statistics (2021) shows that 15.3% of the total youth population in Romania has a very low level of education. These young people have not completed any kind of formal or informal education.
Fundatia FARA

Young people from poor, rural communities are much less likely to reach a decent level of education, compared to their peers from towns and cities.

The chances of success in life depends on the opportunities they have access to, the ability to capitalize on them, as well as motivation, determination, and personal aspirations.

The Educational Bursaries will offer a full support package (financial, counseling and guidance, personal development opportunities) to support school development and performance.

The ultimate aim is to ensure these young people continue their education, and attain relevant qualifications for the highly competitive job market.

Bursaries will be awarded in an open competition to pupils and students from disadvantaged backgrounds, who demonstrate the need for support, interest and determination for learning and involvement in shaping their own future.

For further details, please see the Fundatia FARA website here