FARA's marathon runner Conor Rumbles

Exciting News!

Introducing our London Marathon 2021 runner... Connor Rumbles.

This year we have been lucky enough to be allocated a place in the London Marathon. And we have a runner…introducing Connor:

Name: Connor Rumbles

Age: 20

Lives: Norfolk, UK

Likes: Cycling, snowboarding and travelling

Dislikes: Video games, inequality and custard

Describe your preparation for the London Marathon:

The last 10 years of my life have been heavily based around my love for cycling. Competing at a national level I’m used to dedicating a lot of time to training. However, I’ve always had the goal of completing a marathon. With the lack of cycling races over the last year I saw this as a perfect opportunity to work to achieve that goal, whilst raising money for an amazing charity. To prepare for the marathon I will be completing a running focused cross training plan with cycling.

How can people support you?:  Visiting my VirginMonday Fundraising page

Over the last year family and security in our own homes has been more important than ever. FARA provides this for those most in need of it. I am grateful to have had a safe and happy childhood and I feel very passionately about helping others to have the best possible start to their lives.

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Blog written by – FARA Charity Office


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