12 in 12

12 events in 12 months, a personal challenge and a rewarding achievement

Hannah is from Yorkshire and works in London. In 2019 she set herself the target of completing 12 events in 12 months.

Interval training and gym sessions led Hannah to successfully complete eleven 10Ks and one half marathon to finish with. Hannah raised a brilliant £1000.

I thought I’d do something positive in 2019 and challenge myself. FARA is close to my heart, I appreciate what I have and saw this as a great opportunity to give something back.


Hannah's 12 events

“I thought trying to achieve 12 events in a year, one per month, was a good goal and might encourage more support; rather than doing just one in the year. And I’m mindful that a half marathon is my limit!”

Challenge completed!

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Fundraising pro

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