Group of London College of fashion students, FARA charity employees and trustees all celebrating an event at FARA charity shop in Islington

A Look Back at 2022

Luckily the dark, cold, miserable, depths of January haven’t found us completely doom laden! We enjoyed an action packed year with some very diverse activity - fashion shows in clothing made from deadstock, supplying essentials to Ukrainian refugees, and navigating the 2000 mile-long River Danube - and we wanted to tell you all about it

First up, in February we made an urgent call for help…

FARA Foundation: Solidarity for Ukraine appeal

Black and white image of two women hugging, one a distraught Ukrainian refugee, given refuge by FARA charity

A distraught Ukrainian mother, comforted by a FARA Fundation staff member. Photo: Catalina Urse

Alongside our usual programmes of care and support for Romania’s most disadvantaged children, this year saw another group of people in desperate need of FARA’s help: refugees from Ukraine.

When Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022, millions of people were forced to flee their homes and seek refuge in neighbouring countries. According to UNICEF, over 2.4 million Ukrainians crossed the border into Romania.

Due to the nature of FARA’s work, our colleagues on the ground in Romania were well placed and able to act immediately to support those arriving in the transit centres.

Ukrainian refugee family of mother and two children, stand in front of backdrop of Romanian emergency workers at a transit centre for Ukrainians

Ukrainian refugees at the transit centre, Romania. Photo: Catalina Urse


Back in the UK, a fundraising appeal was launched – Solidarity for Ukraine – which in a few short weeks raised over £20,000. This enabled FARA to support 2000 refugees with food, medical help, longer term options for shelter and support with ongoing journeys. We were also able to assist in getting 12 tonnes of aid directly into the war zone, for people unable to leave. For several women and children who had nowhere else to go, FARA has created a more permanent home within our community, until such day as it is safe for them to return home.

You can read more about our Ukraine appeal here: 


FARA Charity Shops turns 30!

Two women in charity shop, celebrating, one holding a glass of champagne aloft for a toast

FARA CEO Libby Gordon and Chair of Trustee Board, Siobhan Cross, celebrate FARA Charity Shops turning 30. Photo: Ian Walton


From the very first shop opening in 1992 on the Fulham Road, to the 40 high street locations today, FARA Charity Shops has come a long way in the last 30 years – so it was only right that we should celebrate this milestone.

customer talks to cashier in charity shop while people in background stand and talk

FARA Fulham Road – photo: Ian Walton



We kicked off the year of celebrations with our 30-30-30 offer. Working with the local press, FARA shops were offering

30% discount on the 30th of every month, to readers of selected magazines and newspapers. The promotion was a great success, and we have since extended the offer to new mailing list subscribers, as well as keeping the offer open until 30th July 2023. So, you still have time to sign up for your code:


Students from LCF wearing fashion designs with Scott Wimsett

LCF students and their FARAxLCF creations, alongside host Scott Wimsett. Photo: Rebecca Maynes

FARA x LCF is our sustainability collaboration with students from The London College of Fashion.

Over the summer, a group of first year students from the Fashion Design and Development course were set the challenge by FARA to create a 90’s themed ‘look’ purely from deadstock (stock donated to our shops that is not in a good enough condition to sell); The 90’s theme being a nod to FARA’s 30-year anniversary.

A young blonde woman wearing a fashion designed from recycled denim poses for the camera in an auditorium with red carpet and wooden walls

A model at FARAxLCF

Over the course of the summer holidays, 8 students spent hours of their own time creating some iconic fashion stories, ready to be submitted and judged by a panel of fashion experts.

On October 6th, the students and models presented their collections to FARA and the judges, in a show held at LCF. The three student who were felt to have produced the strongest work were announced, and all participants were invited to the afterparty on October 13th.


Actresses Mia Tomlinson and Isabella Pappas pose in FARA Charity Shop window in outfits made of recycled clothing

Mia Tomlinson and Isabella Pappas for FARAxLCF in Islington FARA charity shop window

Held in FARA’s flagship shop in Islington, the FARA x LCF party was attended by influencers, fashionistas, trustees and loyal customers. All had come to celebrate the next generation of fashion designers, whose creations were displayed in the huge shop window for everyone to see. Our host, Scott Wimsett, gave a rousing speech on sustainability in fashion, and congratulated all our students for their hard work. In short, it was truly a wonderful evening, which you can read more about on our blog & gallery here



FARA Charity: Fundraising

Man wearing mirrored sunglasses and white backwards-facing baseball cap, looks into camera, with backdrop of River Danube

Kieran Alger (ManVmiles) our FARA fundraiser in front of the River Danube

On the charity-side of things, we absolutely must mention Ultra-runner and FARA fundraiser Kieran Alger (ManVMiles)  For those that don’t know, Kieran set himself the monumental task of running the entire length of the Danube (Europe’s second-largest river) in 2 months. That’s a distance of almost 2000 miles!

From sea to source, the Danube River flows through 10 different countries, and so for Kieran to complete his mission, he would need to run the equivalent of a MARATHON every day, for 67 days straight! And did we mention he planned to do all this solo?

But nevertheless, he smashed it! Overcoming challenges with the terrain, incredibly hot weather and dangerous stray dogs, Kieran persevered and after 410 hours (!) of running, was met with a hero’s welcome in Germany where the Danube starts.

In all, Kieran raised over £10,000 for his chosen charities, and we are honoured to be selected to be among them – well done and thank you for supporting FARA!

You can find out more about this epic challenge here:

Could you fundraise for FARA? Click here to find out more.


And that was 2022! A huge ‘thank you’ to all our donors, fundraisers, and customers.

Even in these uncertain times of conflict and spiralling costs, FARA Charity has continued to thrive, ensuring we can continue our vital work in Romania, supporting thousands of the most disadvantaged children and their families for years to come.

See more about our work here: