FARA means hope – Eugen’s story

Eugen was abandoned at birth by his mother due to abject poverty, he lived in various state institutions until 2011.

In 2011 Eugen came to FARA and lived in the Recovery and Rehabilitation centre set on the organic farm in the North of Romania. Here Eugen worked on the land and cared for the animals, he learnt skills and enjoyed the way of life which gave him access to the wider community and friends.

A beneficiary of FARA Charity

Eugen is a wonderful member of the FARA family that now live at the Home for Life in Suceava County and although he will always need FARA’s support and care he is very much a member of the wider community and enjoys going shopping and visiting friends in the neighbourhood.

FARA has given Eugen the support and care he needed to flourish and reach his potential.

For me FARA Foundation means family and hope. I am grateful that I receive help in all my health problems. The whole staff takes care of me and gives me the affection I need. Many thanks to those in England who help us financially. At our home in St. Mary’s we built a house and a hope!!!

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