Adela’s story

Adela was abandoned as a small child to a life of neglect in a state institution.

At the age of 18 she came to FARA with little hope and in great need of support to help her recover from her traumatic start in life.

Like most young people leaving Romania’s state institutions Adela was unprepared for life beyond the institution and was vulnerable and at risk of becoming homeless and of being exploited. She needed to be nurtured and supported to develop life skills and emotional maturity.

A FARA beneficiary

Adela’s keyworker helped her gain confidence in her own abilities and slowly she learnt that she was worthy of and can lead an independent life. Adela now works at the Opera Comica in Bucharest and it has given her the chance to shine and integrate with a team of people beyond FARA who accept and respect her.

You are the family who changed my life and have always been with me. You are the family who made me happy. Because of you, I am another person, I am better because of you. I now have what I wanted: a job, a house. Thanks to you I know what love means.

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