Growing up in FARA – Dana’s story

Dana was born in 1993 just after the fall of Ceaușescu and was abandoned shortly after birth as her parents were unable to care for her.

Dana was born with a heart defect and needed support that her family could not give her due to their circumstances. She spent time living in large state institutions before coming to FARA’s St Nicholas home as a young child.

A FARA therapist

While growing up in the family home, Dana was given the care and support she needed to grow and flourish. She could access counselling to help her process her difficult start in life and the medical care required to help her with the heart defect she lives with. At the age of 20 she completed her education and qualified as a specialist educator. Dana now works for FARA in one of our therapy centres, providing the same care she so gratefully received.

FARA Foundation is ‘my family’! Here I met love and dedication! Growing up at St. Nicholas Home I learned what family, humanity, love mean. For me, FARA is my family who educated me, and I will always be grateful to the “FARA” family, because without this family, I would probably have been “lost” and without education.

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